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Timeshare Disposal Co. Branson, Missouri. We provide a Timeshare Liquidation from your Resort!

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Proud recipient of DAV Platinum award!

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I am so very thankful that you were able to help set me free of my horrendous obligation with the ridiculous timeshare. Its extremely unethical that these timeshare companies have to be so foul in their dealings. We enjoyed going to Colorado, San Diego, and Florida while we had the timeshare but they just got so greedy and eventually drove us out entirely. I am sure there are thousands of other timeshare holders that are having a very difficult time trying to get out of the obligation. Many many thanks again for all of your help and I will definitely refer anyone stuff in the mess that I was over to you. - S. Rawlings, Austin, TX

I am absolutely thrilled with your ability to rid me of my timeshare so quickly. Although it was difficult to have to pay to be rid of it, this wasn't your fault and was well worth it!. You where very quick with your abilities, the communication was excellent, and your gracious attitude was more than appreciated.  Thank you for helping me and my family obtain our freedom from that trap of a timeshare!"
- H. Williams,  Charlotte, N.C.

A thousand thank yous! Very Good job! I was so happy to realize that I would be getting out from under the obligation of my timeshare with such little effort! Would recommend you to other people any time. The weight has been lifted, thanks again!" -B. Dryers, Chicago, IL

"Just wanted to thank you again to your great communication and warm helpful staff for taking care of this for us. Our timeshare had been nothing but a nuisance for well over 4 years and we saw no way out of it. You where able to do exactly as you said and get us out of the obligation with ease so that we could get on with our lives without the burden. You will be recommended to any friends and some family I have that also need your services!" - J. Franks, Springfield, MO

"Was very upfront with everything and explained in detail. Got to work quickly unloaded my timeshare exactly as advertised. If feels great to no longer have to worry about this ridiculous financial burden and the every climbing yearly fees upon fees that these greedy people selling timeshares happily hit you with. Cant thank this company enough for all of their help. I can breath better now!"  5 Star service - M. Conway, Tulsa, OK


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